I have created a GitHub repository for the projects I have coded either for school or just for me.  This repository contains projects both in C++ and in Python.  Please, before you test the code, double-check what the file extension is.  If the extension is .py, it is a Python file.  If it is either .h or .cpp, it is a C++ file.  The .h files correspond to the same .cpp file, and all files in a folder are required for the entire program to function correctly.

Computer Science Capstone

I am currently completing my Computer Science Capstone this semester, and I decided to share the link to it here.  My capstone is a website for a fake company called Computers++.  This is not only a show of how much I learned about web development, but how my partner and I could improve the process of applying for jobs.  We made the applications shorter than most and not require as much information because the applicants’ resumes told all of that as well.

To make the website, we used HTML, CSS, PHP, and SQL.  We needed PHP because that is the only way we can make contact forms and bridge between the SQL database that we’re using.  Our database holds all of the responses to the application as well as the documents submitted.  Once submitted, this information is available for us to view and decide on an applicant.

We are officially presenting this on May 11 on the third floor of Collier-Scripps hall from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.