My name is Alex Vorhies.  I am a recent graduate of Drake University with two degrees: a Bachelor of Arts Journalism and Mass Communication in Digital Media Production and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

I am an aspiring videographer, photographer, and programmer.  In my free time, I make videos for YouTube and take photos of whatever interests me.

The videos I make for YouTube belong to a genre called the Let’s Play, where the “talent” plays a game for the audience.  In my case, I play many different games on my channel including modded Minecraft, Half-Life, and Portal.  I also play other games in my free time, including Destiny 2 and various games with single-player campaigns, like Skyrim and Cuphead.

I have experience in audio, video, photo, web development, C++, and Python.  Various pieces of work I created are available on my Portfolio, including past video projects, photo assignments, and audio creations. During the Fall 2017 semester, my website looked very different.  I took a class called Website Technology, and part of the class was to hard code a personal website with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.

There are two pieces of that website that I liked setting up the most: the photo album, and the contact form.  The photo album was created using JavaScript; upon clicking the buttons under the photo, it would change to another photo pre-defined in the script.  The contact form took the most time to complete, because I had to collect the data entered with PHP using the POST method, then program it just right so it would email me when someone filled out the form.

Now, my website is powered by WordPress, making editing the website and adding to my portfolio easier than ever.

As for my video experience, not only do I regularly upload to YouTube, but I have also created content for Drake Digital News.  As part of a class, I created eight news pieces, two of which are hosted here as well: a piece about Griff Gives Back, a pet food drive on campus; and one about a presentation given in Cowles Library in March 2017.

If you would like to contact me, you may message me on LinkedIn, send me a message on Twitter or fill out this form.