Gaming with Kirby

I created this podcast pilot as an assignment for JMC 067: Digital Audio Production in spring 2017.  Our professor asked us to make a 10-minute podcast about a topic that we were passionate about, and I chose gaming.  More specifically, I chose to talk about Pokémon and how to create a competitive team.

94.1 The Dog Promo

I created this promo for my radio show on 94.1 The Dog for spring 2017.  On the air, I use the moniker DJ AV, and during my show, I like to talk about gaming-related topics.

Drake Adult Literacy Center

This is a spot that I created for the Drake Adult Literacy Center for JMC 067: Digital Audio Production.  I did not record the voice track; my friend Olivia Decelles did, and I think she did an excellent job.

This American Life Themed Podcast

This is the second audio assignment for Multimedia Lab. We were to make our own This American Life themed podcast. In this “podcast”, I interviewed my mother about the dogs we have back home in Kansas City.